‘Piecing it Together’ is participatory art project based at two North London NHS Foundation Trust Acute Day Units for people who have experienced a recent deterioration in their mental health.

For nine months artist, Alexa Wright led weekly workshops for service users at the two day centres. These Art Project workshops offered an opportunity for participants to use collage as a direct, visual means to communicate what they had been through. Some people also continued to work with Alexa on a 1-1 basis to create small photo-text books about their experiences. As well as providing individuals recovering from acute mental difficulties with a means of coming to terms with what happened to them, the project aims to challenge stigma around mental health more generally. Interactions with the people Alexa met during the workshops form part of her ongoing research towards a new suite of video and sound works reflecting on some of the often surreal, but always very human themes that emerged during the residency. You can find early experiments with video here and here.

This blog is a record of the workshops and the work made in them.

Names of people and places have been withheld or altered to protect identities and conform to NHS confidentiality requirements.

If you are viewing this on a phone or tablet please use the button at top right of this page to navigate to other pages.

The project is funded by the Arts Council.



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