Collage 20


‘I was bullied in school and I felt like a social outcast, which led me to be in isolation for a lot of my childhood. This led me to be really angry with the world and with the way people were treating me. So it led me on this search for answers about the government, about money, about war, about poverty. Why it happens and how we got into this situation. That’s what this side is about – the war and the searching – many people think that I’m crazy because of some of the ideas I put forward about the way that money works and how we are all like slaves to the system. I wasn’t taking care of myself, I was sleeping such little hours and my body was just getting destroyed, so I started researching about cleaner living. This is just the extraordinary prices that are in London, its difficult for anyone to live without having debt. The bit about my skin – I’ve had skin problems since I was about 13 or 14 and that downed my confidence quite a bit. I’m always quite self conscious about the way I look, and the way that people perceive me. This is what I want to be – love and peace and a hero for the planet. Sort of help people to discover their true selves and not be fake. To smile and be happy and live from the heart. Then the lion is how I’m feeling, wanting to get back to that lion – being a tiger or lion and not afraid of anything’.

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Alexa Wright

Alexa Wright works with photography, video, sound and interactive digital media. Her practice often exists at the intersection of art and medical science. Alexa’s work has been shown widely, both nationally and internationally. Recent exhibitions include: 'Slippage, The Unstable Nature of Difference', Chester University Gallery (2015); 'Crafting Anatomies', Bonington Gallery, Nottingham (2015); 'Hybrid Bodies', PHI Centre, Montreal (2014); 'Archisle Photography Open', Jersey Arts Centre, St Helier, Jersey (2013); (honorable mention); 'Portas Abertas', Fórum Eugénio de Almeida, Évora, Portugal (2013); 'Digital Aesthetic 3', Harris Museum & Art Gallery, Preston (2012); 'Born in 1987: the Animated Gif', Photographer’s Gallery, London (2012). Alexa is Reader in Photography and Visual Culture at the University of Westminster in London, UK. Her single-authored book, ‘Monstrosity the human monster in visual culture’ was published by IB Tauris in June 2013. Funded by the Arts Council, Alexa is currently artist in residence at two Mental Health Recovery Centres in North London, UK.

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