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Since I had my life-changing accident I question that a lot and think “why am I here?” I mean I don’t really understand why I’m here. For me things have to have a purpose, and if I can’t find one I think “what’s the point in being here?” If I die tomorrow would it make any difference?” And sometimes I think no. Life will still go on whether I am here or not. Before my accident my life was happiness, joy, satisfaction. I don’t feel any of those things any more. I can’t do things freely and independently any more. Even though it doesn’t look it, I have quite limited ability with my movements and there are quite a few things I can’t do any more. I can’t exercise, I have to have assistance with dressing and washing. I think to myself “why was I the one in ten, not the nine in ten?”


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Alexa Wright

Alexa Wright works with photography, video, sound and interactive digital media. Her practice often exists at the intersection of art and medical science. Alexa’s work has been shown widely, both nationally and internationally. Recent exhibitions include: 'Slippage, The Unstable Nature of Difference', Chester University Gallery (2015); 'Crafting Anatomies', Bonington Gallery, Nottingham (2015); 'Hybrid Bodies', PHI Centre, Montreal (2014); 'Archisle Photography Open', Jersey Arts Centre, St Helier, Jersey (2013); (honorable mention); 'Portas Abertas', Fórum Eugénio de Almeida, Évora, Portugal (2013); 'Digital Aesthetic 3', Harris Museum & Art Gallery, Preston (2012); 'Born in 1987: the Animated Gif', Photographer’s Gallery, London (2012). Alexa is Reader in Photography and Visual Culture at the University of Westminster in London, UK. Her single-authored book, ‘Monstrosity the human monster in visual culture’ was published by IB Tauris in June 2013. Funded by the Arts Council, Alexa is currently artist in residence at two Mental Health Recovery Centres in North London, UK.

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